First Night on the Water

Here’s a picture of the first night out on the water.  The inflatables were lit up, but no animations.  Mario is putting a few finishing touches on the decorations.

We had hoped that people would be attracted and come out for a look-see.  I think it was too long of a walk (or, alternatively, a short swim) for them to risk it in the dark.  The next day, Saturday, was a very different story when the sun was out!

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Progress as of noon Friday …

Here are a couple of pix of JBI as it currently stands.  The front 1/3 of the platform is in the lake and anchored at the sand bar.  The second part, with the remaining 2/3 of the platform, the bar enclosure, and the jukebox platform are anchored at the build site where we need to do some work.

First 1/3 Anchored on the Sand Bar

The Back 2/3 With Bar and DJ Platform

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New Website Set Up While We Build

It’s the third day on site and I’m finally getting a chance to work on the website for jukebox island.  I had hoped to be much farther along by now, but we ended up needing more time for the construction so I didn’t have time to work on the electronics.  Getting that stuff rigged up now while we have a break in the build and everything is looking good!  Hope to have good news and some pics soon.

We would like to get your feedback if you visit the site – Lakes of Fire 2012.  We plan to continue adding on, now that we appear to have a base to work from.

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